Mark was born in Newmarket, Ontario, and grew up in Toronto. In 2006  at 18, He travelled to Asia and attended conferences on inter-cultural dialogue and peacebuilding.  In Thailand  he joined a travelling circus for a short time, then stayed in Nepal for several months where he sang nightly in a local hotel in exchange for free rent.

In 2009 Harris returned to Canada to study semiotics and world religions at the University of Toronto.  He served one year as the Poet Laureate of the Trinity College Literary Institute, and was a member of the Episkopon a “secret society” for comedians, where he prepared songs for meetings.

In 2013 Harris started salon series in various art galleries and churches, called Blatantism, while creating a series of 24 paintings to correspond with a musical performance.  Following this, he returned to Nepal.

In Nepal, Mark set out to create a music and art studio in the Himalayas to offer space for artists and programs for local youth. One day after opening the center was destroyed in the massive earthquake. Mark ran out of the house as the walls were vibrating, only to have the building completely collapse seconds after.

Following the disaster Harris stayed in the country to organize and lead a team of volunteer nurses and medical students to remote corners of the epicenter to provide aid and treat the victims.

That fall Harris restarted the artist residency in Kathmandu.  While in the city he worked as a journalist for The Kathmandu Post, and started a Nepali hip hop duo with a local artist. The duo found surprising success, releasing a music video, doing a several radio interviews, and headlining the Nepal Music Festival.

At the beginning of 2016, he organized a series of musical and theatrical treks, returning to the same earthquake affected villages with a group of musicians and actors, hiking village to village through the mountains and performing at local schools.

Harris moved to Paris later that year and began performing in artists squats where he was introduced to producers from a small hip hop label in Paris.  He signed a two year deal with Quvib Records and released two singles and an EP “Pre War Era” in 2018.

In 2018, Harris toured Belgium, Holland, Germany, and England before returning to Canada to spend time with ailing family members.

Currently Mark is based in Toronto where he is recording and developing a new project under the name Don Valley.